Volume 2 Issue 3

Cigar Box Guitar Hero

December 22, 2011

Cover Story

Six years ago, Kirk Withrow, MD, had never heard of cigar box guitars. Today, he has made over 100 of the quirky instruments and recorded a number of albums featuring them. He also holds down a day job as a head and neck surgeon and assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine.

Florida Pediatrician Teaches Healthy Lifestyle to Children, Families

December 22, 2011

Feature Article

It's not unusual for an adolescent to cry when he or she has to visit the doctor. What is unusual is that they cry when it's time to leave the doctor's office. But that's the case at Thornburg Pediatrics in Naples, Florida, one of the only concierge pediatric medicine practices in the country.

Asset Protection: A Matter of Degree

December 22, 2011

Money and Finance

Many physicians have misconceptions regarding how to protect their assets from potential lawsuits. This article separates myth from fact and sheds new light on opportunities for asset protection.