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Annual Alzheimer Disease Pipeline Shows Rapid Progress in Clinical Research

July 24, 2020


As of February, 121 unique therapies are involved in clinical trials for Alzheimer disease, with putative disease-modifying agents targeting disease onset or progression accounting for the largest number.

Treating Combined High Lipoprotein, Inflammation Reduces MACE Risks

July 20, 2020


A secondary ACCELERATE assessment shows a particular set of patients who may benefit from Lp(a)-lowering novel agents.

Jamak Modaresi Esfeh, MD: Finding Hepatic Encephalopathy

February 26, 2020


What is the primary care physician's role in detecting the rare hepatologic condition?

ICU Blood Transfusions Used in Excess

October 23, 2019


A Cleveland Clinic study showed about 13% of its transfusions were in deference to current guidelines. That said, there's plenty of gray area for cause of care.

FDA Approves Robotic Knee Surgery Platform

October 10, 2019


The fully active robot and accompanying preparation software provides surgeons capability to individualize strategy pre-operation.

Reena Mehra, MD, MS: OSA Treatment Options

September 21, 2019


Outside of CPAP, what therapies—invasive and non-invasive—exist for patients?