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Richard Milani, MD: Addressing a Range of Digital Skills

April 26, 2019


With support from the “genius” at the O Bar, even patients without strong digital skills are able to participate in Ochsner’s digital medicine programs.

Aimee Quirk: An Algorithm That Predicts Hospital Codes

April 25, 2019


Over a 90-day period, this algorithm reduced hospital codes, such as cardiac arrest, by 44%.

Richard Milani, MD: Connected MOM Program

April 24, 2019


The Connected MOM program allows self-monitoring during pregnancy so that some in-person visits can be skipped, and any issues can be identified early.

Richard Milani, MD: Digital Medicine Programs and the Ochsner O Bar

April 21, 2019


Richard Milani, MD, shares about the digital medicine program, particularly the track for patients with hypertension.

Aimee Quirk: What is innovationOchsner?

April 20, 2019


Aimee Quirk, CEO of innovationOchsner shares about how they have improved aspects of health care by introducing uses of technology.

Robert Bober, MD: Results of the Optimal Hospital Innovations

April 08, 2019


By applying research-supported practices, Optimal Hospital has increased patient sleep, improved HCAHPS scores, and decreased length of stay and readmissions.