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Robert C. Hendel, MD: The Importance of Adjusting Maintenance of Certification

July 11, 2019


Why a revised recertification strategy would be beneficial for practicing internists and cardiologists.

Robert C. Hendel, MD: Using Cardio Technology Rationally

July 03, 2019


Over time, clinicians have come to understand the most optimal use of the limited technological resources they have.

Robert C. Hendel, MD: Tulane in Public Health

July 01, 2019


How the institution has become involved in regional health education efforts, and national efforts to establish proper care protocol.

Robert C. Hendel, MD: Cardiovascular Concerns in New Orleans

June 29, 2019


Why limited educational resources and a diverse population has made the region an area burdened by heart disease.

Antibiotic Use in Older Women Links to Heightened Risk of Heart Disease Death

March 30, 2018


The association between long-term antibiotic use and death is especially noticeable while looking at death from heart disease.