Grant Gets a Makeover

September 16, 2008
Michael Sheehan

Physician's Money Digest, July15 2004, Volume 11, Issue 13

What the US Treasury Departmentdid for Andy Jackson, it's planning to dofor Ulysses S. Grant, whose picturegraces the $50 bill. In a bid to foil counterfeiters,the new $50 bill will sportshades of red and blue, much likePresident Jackson's $20 bill, whichadded peach, blue, and yellow tints tothe greenback's traditional black andgreen inks. The new bills should be ingeneral circulation by this fall. AlthoughPresident Grant's portrait will remain,changes will be made to the design.Many of the anticounterfeiting featuresthat were introduced when the bill waslast redone in 1997 will be kept, includingwatermarks, color-shifting inks, andembedded security threads that changecolor under ultraviolet light. Next up fora redo is the $100 bill, the most counterfeitedbill outside the United States.