Reading Room: Hedge Fund of Funds Investing

September 16, 2008
Joyce Tsoi

Physician's Money Digest, July15 2004, Volume 11, Issue 13

These days, physician-investorsmay find it increasinglydifficult to managetheir portfolios with the growingnumber of investmentoptions out there. In recentyears, hedge funds have beengaining attention and makingtheir way into investors' portfolios.

Hedge Fund of Funds Investing: AnInvestor's Guide

For physician-investors looking toexpand and diversify their portfolio, ($65.00; BloombergPress; 2004) by Joseph G. Nicholas providesa wealth of practical information.Nicholas takes the challenge of hedgefund investing and simplifies it by addressingsome of the obstacles investorsface, including how to select from a widevariety of funds to choosingmanagement strategies.

The book is easy to maneuver,divided into three sectionsand furnished with numerousgraphs and charts, industryreports, and case studies.Keeping in mind that there areonly a limited number of hedge fundresources out there for investors,Nicholas, an expert in alternative investments,has written the book in aclear and concise voice.

Oftentimes, it is difficult to makegood investment decisions, but keepingyourself informed of your options willmake it easier to plot your investments.Nicholas' book proves a helpful resourcein this endeavor.