Start Your Club on the Right Path

Physician's Money DigestJuly15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 13

The path the golf club takes during the early partof the swing is vital. Many amateur players manipulatethe club with the hands at the beginning ofthe swing, leading to an incorrect swing path and anopen clubface. This will lead to the player compensatingon the down swing, causing poor, inconsistent results.The club must swing away on the correct path for it tostay in balance and maintain a square clubface.

Pushing a 2-foot x 4-inch block of wood backwards asyou begin the back swing will assure you of a square clubfaceand a correct swing path. Practice this drill first withouta golf ball. When you're comfortable with the feel,use a 7-iron to push the board back, continue your swing,and hit the ball. Place the club head directly in front ofthe block of wood and push back. The sensation is of howlight the club will be and how quickly the club has movedback. Don't forget to keep the upper part of your leftarm connected to your chest and the hands close to theright knee as the club swings away.


All advice is related to the right-handedgolfer. For you lefties, simply reverse the information.

Adrian Davies is a corporate event professional forFortune 500 companies such as American Express,IBM, and Nike. A current PGA tour instructor, Mr.Davies has coached players on almost every professionaltour worldwide and has coached winners onthe PGA, European, and Nationwide Tours. He welcomesquestions or comments at, orvisit

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