Online Bill Paying

Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 5

Don't let your security concerns keepyou from enjoying the convenience andfinancial benefits of online bill paying.Not only will you be saving on postageevery month, but identity theft is less likelyon the Internet than in the paper world.Encryption technology is used on bill payingsites to scramble your data as it travelsthrough cyberspace. Each site even hasan icon on the screen outlining its particularsecurity policy. If you're a doctorwho is still hesitant, you should note thatthieves are more likely to uncover yourpersonal financial information from billsor credit card statements thrown in thegarbage or left in a mailbox than throughthe Internet. Also, online bill payers aremore likely to spot fraud as they checktheir accounts online more frequentlythan the conventional bill payers whoonly view the monthly paper bank statement.However, when signing up for anonline bill-paying site, make sure that thesite has 24-hour customer service andthat they have a clear policy and methodof opting out of any information-sharingprograms. This will help to curtail thatannoying spam that clogs up your e-mail.

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