Thumbs Up: Let Someone Else Worry

Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 5

The result:

You're a physician who has justretired. You've spent years carefullyputting your hard-earned moneyaway. Now you need to devise a strategyof how to spend and keep track ofyour money. To alleviate this burden,Fidelity Retirement Income Services(800-343-0860) has created a plan thatwill do this for you. The cost has yet tobe determined. Set to be introducedthis spring, it will initially target some400,000 Fidelity customers who willbe nearing or already in retirement.Fidelity will take all of your assets andongoing income streams (eg, SocialSecurity, IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions) andput them into a single account. Thecompany will then invest the assetsand give you a monthly paymentdesigned to cover your fixed monthlyexpenses (eg, housing and insurance)as well as travel and entertainment. You can spend less timethinking about money and more timeenjoying life.

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