New Products Improve Your Golf Game

Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 5

During early February, I visited the PGA MerchandiseShow in Orlando, Fla, and as always, therewere four products that caught my eye and areworth looking for in your local pro shop when the 2004products arrive in early April.

Go for a Drive

Nike Golf launched the Ignite driver, which TigerWoods is currently using. It's a significantly better productthan most on the market, and is made from NexTi,a titanium-based alloy, which is thinner, lighter, andstronger than titanium. It's available in different loftsand club head sizes. The driver is excellent and definitelyworth trying out on the driving range. For more informationon this product visit

Burrows Golf is a name that is not that well knownin the golf market, but after seeing its driver at the golfshow, I can tell you that it's worth trying. The driver, theMAC Powersphere, has a unique fitting system. Bychanging the shaft in the club head with the simple twistof a screw, you can try numerous shafts to suit yourgame in the blink of an eye. For more information onthis product visit

Ben Hogan has brought out a CFT hybrid iron setthat works extremely well. A stainless steel frame, forgedtitanium face, and low center of gravity allow the playerto get the ball in the air with the greatest of ease."Hybrid" means part iron, part wood design. Easy to useand nice to look at, it offers the player a high level of confidence for those long iron/fairway wood shots. For moreinformation on this product visit

Putt of Course

I believe it's always a good idea to look for waysto improve putting. The best teaching aid at the showwas the Putting Arc, a revolutionary new trainingdevice, which will guide you to a simple, repeatable,and understandable approach to putting. In the pastyear, tour players using the Putting Arc on the fourmain US tours accumulated $82 million in officialwinnings. The Putting Arc will assist you in developingconfidence in your ability to direct the golf ballexactly where you intend.

Nothing about the stroke is new; it's the same strokealmost all of the great putters of the modern era use.What is new is the combination of ancient mathematics,a simple and self-explanatory instructional outline, andstate-of-the-art manufacturing technology. The mathematicsdefine the perfect putting stroke, the instructionaloutline explains and trains it, and the technologyquickly teaches you how to perfect it. For more informationon this product visit

Adrian Davies is a former European Tourplayer who is hired by Fortune 500 companies,such as IBM, American Express, and Nike, forcorporate events. He welcomes questions orcomments at

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