Better Interest Rate

Physician's Money DigestFebruary15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 3

One drawback:

You pay the bank 6% or more onyour mortgage and the bank pays you1% or less on your savings account. Ifthat doesn't seem fair, check out what'sknown as the all-in-one mortgage, whichcombines your checking, savings, andmortgage into one account. Checks youwrite increase your debt; money you savedecreases it. You get charged on the netamount you owe, which means that, ineffect, your savings earn the equivalent ofyour mortgage interest rate. If your localbank doesn't offer an all-in-one account,check out Wells Fargo's Home AssetManagement Account (800-222-3408; Itcan be a bit unnerving to see a negativenumber every time you look at yourchecking account balance.

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