Are the Rich Thrifty?

Physician's Money DigestFebruary15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 3

Just like any typical American, therich like to save money when they shop.But when the affluent go bargain hunting,they call it strategic shopping. Whateverit's called, most of those with annualhousehold incomes over $150,000 indulgein it, according to a survey byUnity Marketing ( In fact, fragrances and otherbeauty products are the only items that amajority of the affluent pay list pricefor. Close to 90% of well-to-do shoppershaggle when they buy recreational vehicles,while almost 80% seek discountson cars, electronics, linens and bedding,and kitchenware. The growing trend hasspawned a new breed of stores known aspremium outlets, which feature discountedluxury items from top-drawerbrand name makers like Armani, Gucci,and Burberry.

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