Thumbs Up: Time to Buy?

Physician's Money Digest, January15 2004, Volume 11, Issue 1

Other potentialbargains:

According to the National Associationof Realtors (, when the wind chill factordrops, so do home prices, as sales volumecools down from summer highs.For starters, there's less competitionfrom rival buyers, which can lead toa bidding war that pushes costs up.Larger homes may also sport bargainprices. That's because married coupleswith children—those who are mostlikely to be in the market for a biggerhouse—prefer to shop in the springand summer so they don't have topull the kids out of school before theend of the school term. Be sure to look forhomes that are for sale by the ownerand homes that must be sold quicklybecause the owner is relocating orgoing through a divorce.