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Physician's Money DigestDecember31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 24

Physicians should not underestimate the benefit of dollar-cost averaging their investments (ie, investing a set amount of money on a consistent basis). One way to utilize this strategy is through dividend reinvestment plans (DRiPs), which automatically reinvest the dividends earned on stocks. The Moneypaper (800-388-9993; www.moneypaper.com) publishes several subscription newsletters providing comprehensive information on dollar-cost averaging and DRiPs. When you're ready to implement these strategies, visit www.firstshare.com, which allows you to buy as little as one share at a time for a $30 annual membership fee and a few additional fees, or www.sharebuilder.com, which also allows you to buy without a minimum investment required and has 3 investment plans available. For the forgetful physician-investor, you may want to try www.netstockdirect.com, which offers you the option to have a set amount of money deducted from your bank account and invested automatically each month. Don't forget about mutual funds; you can find plenty of information on how to use dollar-cost averaging with mutual funds at the Mutual Fund Investors Center (www.mfea.com).

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