Safety Deposit Boxes

Physician's Money DigestNovember15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 21


Jewelry, cash, and important documentslike the deed to the house are someof the things that people stash in a safetydeposit box. The advantage is that if adisaster like a fire or flood destroys yourhome, those items will still be safe. Butsome things don't belong in there—notably your will. When you die, yoursafety deposit box will be sealed, and anythingin it will be out of reach until taxauthorities get around to doing an inventoryof the contents. If your will is in thesafety deposit box, your heirs will haveno way of knowing how you want yourestate handled. Any valuablesstored in a safety deposit box should stillbe included in a rider to your homeowner'spolicy. Unless a bank employee isproven responsible, the bank's insurancepolicy will not cover any losses.

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