Thumbs Up: Do Good, Save on Taxes

Physician's Money Digest, November15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 21



If your children want to buy a newhome, they may be put off by highcosts. There's a way to help them outand reap some sweet tax breaks at thesame time. One example is an equity-sharingagreement where you put uphalf the down payment and own halfthe home. They pay you a fair rent forliving in a house that's half yours; youtake that cash and pay half the propertytaxes, mortgage, and insurance. Your deductible expenses reduceyour tax liability on the rentalincome. Any expenses that are overthat amount can be used to offset upto $25,000 in ordinary income. IRSrules allow withdrawals from an IRAbefore age 591/2 for first-time home-buyingcosts, but you don't have to bethe one buying the home. So you cantap your IRA for up to $10,000 for yourportion of the down payment.