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Physician's Money DigestNovember15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 21

(Nellie Mae, 2003)

$2984—Average amount of credit card debt carried by a 21-year-old.

(Nellie Mae, 2003)

93%—Percentage of 21-year-olds who have their own credit card.

(American Demographics, 2003)

41%—Percentage of 21-year-olds who live with their parents.

(Pride Survey, 2003)

24%—Percentage of teenage students who say they use illegal drugs.

(Pride Survey, 2003)

27%—Percentage of teenage students who say they smoke cigarettes.

(USCensus Bureau, 2003)

12%—Percentage of US population that was not born in America.

(New York Post, 2003)

67%—Percentage of New Yorkers who think that state anti-smokinglaws "go too far."

(USDA, 2003)

3900—Daily caloric intake for an average American.

(WallStreet Journal, 2003)

$104,000—Annual base pay for a federal air traffic controller.

(USA Today, 2003)

59%—Percentage of doctor-patient visits that last less than 15 minutes.

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