40 Days to Personal Revolution and The Yoga Bootcamp Box

Physician's Money DigestAugust15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 15

40 Days to PersonalRevolution

Stressed-out doctors can keep theirtension in check by incorporatingyoga into their daily routine. Forthose looking for a transformation ofbody and mind, yoga master BaronBaptiste, author of (Fireside; 2004), shares hissecrets on the road to self-discovery.

Be warned, Baptiste Power VinyasaYoga (www.baronbaptiste.com), whichwas created in the mid-1980s, is not forthe faint of heart. Raised by two ofAmerica's yoga trailblazers, Baptistelearned how yoga could reinvent thehuman body, mind, and soul. Baptiste'syoga has become a blend of East andWest, integrating various disciplines ofyoga and its philosophies with aerobics.With his unique approach, Baptiste is inhigh demand. He teaches sold-out classesand workshops around the world, andhas earned himself a huge fan-base thatincludes celebrities and athletes.

40 Days toPersonal Revolution

Physicians can enjoy the benefits ofBaptiste's power yoga in the comfort oftheir own homes with . The book incorporatesthe yoga master's Basic Laws ofTransformation into a 5-week program,which can be followed by yoga buffs andnovices. It includes illustrated yoga techniques,meditation instructions, an eatingplan, and steps to help you break negativepatterns in your life. Baptiste advises readersto examine the Laws before pursuingtheir 5-week trek to self-renewal.

The Yoga Bootcamp Box

For those of you who are yoga devoteesor have peaked an interest in yoga,you may also find Baptiste's latest offeringhelpful. (GriffinTrade Paperback; 2004) is an interactivekit that delivers more of the BaptistePower Vinyasa Yoga, and promises tochange your life forever. Based onBaptiste's popular Yoga Bootcamp classes,the kit presents a 3-day program andincludes an interactive workbook, instructionalflash cards, and CDs thatallow you to go at your own pace. Whileit may be impossible to rid work-relatedstress for good, you can leave your worriesat the office and let Baptiste lead youto personal nirvana.

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