Effective Complaints

Physician's Money Digest, October15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 19

The fridge suddenly stops makingcold and the coffee maker won't makehot. You'd like to fire off nasty letters tothe manufacturers, but consumer advocatessay there's a right way and a wrongway to complain. To get results from acomplaint letter, follow these simplerules. First, stay factual. State when andwhere you bought the product andwhat's wrong with it. If you bought itemsfrom this maker in the past and were satisfied,mention that. Next, tell the manufacturerexactly what you want—a freerepair, a new machine, or your moneyback. Finally, restate your disappointmentin the product and cite any dangersthe defective product could have caused.And to help make sure your complaintgets some priority, add a date by whichyou'd like a reply.