Auto Rebalancing Act

Physician's Money DigestOctober15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 19

Once you've decided on your assetallocation between stocks, bonds, andcash, you should keep your portfolio insync by rebalancing your assets at leastonce a year. A portfolio that had 60% instocks a few years ago may be down tojust 40% in equities today and need atuneup. Even though rebalancing is standardadvice from almost all financialadvisors, many investors fail to do it.Now you can invest in some funds thatdo it for you, like Oppenheimer FundsPortfolio Builder (888-470-0862), whichputs rebalancing on autopilot for you atno charge if you have $25,000 or morein your account. MFS Asset AllocationFunds (800-225-2606) charges 0.1% ofassets, but the minimum account balanceis only $1000.

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