Risk-free Risk

Physician's Money Digest, October15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 19

Prevailing attitude

After seeing their portfolios shrinkover the past few years, many bear-batteredphysician-investors are viewingthe latest stock market rally with someskepticism. : Betteran investment that will help protectassets than a riskier 1 that offers theprospect of growth. That's the conclusiondrawn from a recent survey byJohn Hancock Financial Services (www.jhancock.com), in which two thirds ofthose surveyed said they prefer assetprotection to asset growth. Rather thantaking a chance on double-digit returnswith the risk of double-digit losses, theseinvestors are willing to settle for 3% to4% a year in returns. Market guruspoint out, however, that even bonds andcash carry an interest rate risk—the possibilitythat the gains you earn won'tbeat inflation over the long haul.