15 Guidelines for Improved Spending

Physician's Money DigestOctober15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 19

  • Never buy on impulse.

Become a comparison shopper on all items you plan to purchase.

  • Pay cash for everything or don't buy it.

Wait for special sales. Ask retailers when sale dates are planned.

  • Double-check value, reparability, price, and guarantees on all major purchases.

Learn to read and understand all advertisements.

  • Read all labels and product literature carefully.

Use a list for grocery and household items.

  • Go shopping alone. This is especially true for household and grocery items.

Buy private label brands only when it is economical and practical.

  • Learn to uncover scams and fraud.

Never expect something for nothing because somehow you will pay for it.

  • When writing a check for groceries, make it for the amount of purchase only.

Don't take a casual attitude toward money because it can bring about many financial casualties in the future.

  • Maintain good records. Keep receipts and make reminders about cash spending.

Source: Institute of Consumer Financial Education (619-239-1401; www.icfe.info)

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