Thumbs Up: Investors Get Bullish

Physician's Money Digest, September30 2003, Volume 10, Issue 18

Despite a stock market that can'tseem to put together a seriousrally, many investors are optimisticabout the long-term outlook. Accordingto a survey by Alliance CapitalManagement LP's Bernstein InvestmentResearch and Management, 40% of investorslook for short-term growth instocks and 80% think stocks are agood long-term investment choice.Still, about one third of those surveyedthink the market will go down this year.Despite the bullish sentiments, 59% ofthe investors surveyed don't plan totake any action to bring their portfoliosin line with their expectations and 53%have not reviewed and rebalanced theirportfolio within the past year. The trendtoward apathetic portfolio managementwas most common among thoseinvestors who were self-directed; morethan half of those investors with professionaladvisors have done a formalportfolio review, compared with only2% of those who are flying solo.