Thumbs Down: Strong Storm Warnings

Physician's Money DigestSeptember30 2003
Volume 10
Issue 18

The weather mavens have forecasteda higher-than-average numberof named storms this season, including3 major hurricanes. That means a doubledose of bad news for those wholive in areas beset by hurricanes, sincethe predicted increase in storm activitycomes just when insurers are tryingto decrease their exposure to stormrisk. Check your homeowners insurancepolicy to see if your insurer is 1of many that has slapped higher deductibleson homes in coastal sections.The new deductibles, aimed specificallyat hurricane damage, can raise theamount you pay out of pocket from$500 or $1000 to a percentage of theinsured value of your house. If youhave a 5% hurricane deductible on ahouse insured for $300,000, for example,you'd pay for the first $15,000worth of hurricane damage.

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