Reminder: Have the Will

Physician's Money Digest, September15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 17

Bad things can happen to good people.For example, on the morning ofSeptember 11, 2001, nearly 3000 innocentpeople—many with high-payingjobs and young families—went to workand never came home. Surveys showthat 2 of 3 physicians don't have a will.Without it, total strangers might decidewho becomes your children's guardian,what happens to your property, whocontrols your business, and how muchof your wealth goes to the IRS. It maybe easier to postpone a seeminglyunpleasant task than face the reality ofyour mortality. However, by preparing awill, you ensure that your personalgoals are met. Your peace of mind is theimmediate reward. The cost of a basicwill (most physicians probably needmore) is just a few hundred dollars.Don't put it off any longer doctor. Haveyour lawyer draw up a will today.