Credit Report Errors

Physician's Money DigestSeptember15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 17

Your last resort:

If you've taken a look at your creditreport and think it contains some errors,your first recourse is the lender or creditor.Write a letter detailing the disputeditem and why you think it's wrong.Enclose copies of any correspondence.Next, go to credit reporting agencies, suchas Equifax (800-685-1111;, Experian (888-397-3742;, or TransUnion (800-916-8800;, with documentationof the mistake. If their investigationproves you right, ask them to senda corrected credit report to any companythat received an incorrect credit report inthe past 6 months. If that fails, you canwrite a 100-word description of the dispute,which the credit agency shouldmake a part of your file. Go to the Federal Trade Commission( with your complaint.

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