Fishy Land Deals

Physician's Money DigestOctober15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 19

How to Get

Started in Real Estate Investment

Fundamentals of Real

Estate Finance

Buying real estate is the favorite subjectof TV infomercials and Internet bulletinboards, but physician-investorsshould proceed with caution. The vastmajority of these pitches are scams thatask you to pay a fee for an instructionalcourse in the no-money-down real estatemarket, according to John Reed, arespected real estate investing expert andauthor. The promoters are in business torun the courses and collect the fees; theknowledge they impart generally is notworth the price. A West Point graduatewho received his MBA from Harvard,Reed also offers a subscription newsletter,"Real Estate Investor's Monthly," and isthe author of more than 20 easy-to-understandbooks, including (John T.Reed; 2000) and (John T. Reed; 2003). Formore information, call 925-820-7262 orvisit

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