No Overtime Pay

Physician's Money Digest, October15 2004, Volume 11, Issue 19

Under the US Department of Labor's(DOL) new overtime regulations, physician-employees would generally not beeligible for overtime pay. Employeeswho make more than $23,660 annually;are paid on a salary rather than hourly-wagebasis; and perform duties that areexecutive, administrative, or professionalare exempt from overtime pay underthe DOL's new rules. Doctors are designatedas "learned professionals" underthe regulations, a group that is ineligiblefor overtime pay. Along with redefiningovertime eligibility, the rules also clarifywhen employers can dock workers fortime away from work. Under the newregulations, employers are generally forbiddento dock physicians if they arepaid on a salary basis. According toDOL figures, the median annual salaryfor a full-time US physician in 2003 wasabout $163,000.