Did You Know?

Physician's Money DigestSeptember30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 18

(Healthsaver, 2004)

70%—Percentage of Americans who spend more than $50 per monthon health care.

(New York

Post, 2004)

36,598—Number of homeless individuals in New York City.

(New York Times, 2004)

$135 million—Charitable donations in 2003 made by New York CityMayor Mike Bloomberg.

New York Times

(Newsweek, 2004)

$90,300—Average annual income for a reader.

(Fortune, 2004)

69%—Percentage of US magazines that declined in newsstand sales in2003.


Institute, 2004)

$302 million—Federal funding in 2004 for the Peace Corps.

(Wall Street Journal, 2004)

$28 billion—Annual budget for the National Institutes of Health.

(Cato Institute, 2004)

75,000—Average number of new pages of federal government regulationsadded every year.

(Gallup Poll, 2004)

59%—Percentage of Americans who say religion is a "very important"part of their lives.

(USA Today, 2004)

93%—Percentage of US Army soldiers in Iraq who say they've beenfired on.

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