Shoulder a Better Golf Swing

Physician's Money DigestSeptember30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 18

At the top of the back swing, theleft shoulder should point a coupleof inches behind the ball fromthe player's perspective, while the right legstays flexed and the right knee stays insidethe right foot. This allows for power (ie,resistance) to be built up during the backswing. This move can be best achieved byputting a golf club across the top of bothshoulders then taking your address position.From here, the player makes a backswing. At the top of the back swing, thegolf club (head or grip) should pointbehind the ball. This is where the playerneeds to be at the top of the back swing.Allowing the upper body to turn correctly,with the lower body supporting thismotion, you can build a powerful, accurate,and consistent swing. This will nothappen if the left shoulder does not movebehind the ball correctly. Make sure thatright knee stays inside the right foot as theleft shoulder moves behind the ball. Thiswill guarantee that there is no lateralmotion during the back swing.

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