The Great Giveaway

Physician's Money DigestFebruary15 2005
Volume 12
Issue 3

If you have spare cash and yourchild is looking at a major purchase likea new home, it's natural to want to helpout. If you give more than $11,000 inany one year, though, you could be subjectto the gift tax. There are waysaround that limit, however. If you'remarried, both you and your spouse cangive your child up to $11,000 a year,for a total of $22,000. If your child ismarried, you and your spouse can giveup to the limit to both the child andtheir spouse, raising the total potentialgift to $44,000. You can also give morethan the limit, up to the current estatetax exemption of $1.5 million, but anythingover the annual gift tax thresholdwill reduce the amount you can passalong tax-free to your heirs.

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