Pay for Premium?

Physician's Money Digest, February15 2005, Volume 12, Issue 3


Bottom line:

With gasoline prices on a welcomedowntrend, paying an extra $0.20 or sofor a gallon of premium may no longerseem like a budget-buster, but manyautomotive experts advise you to stickto regular unless your car owner's manualspecifies premium. Most ofthe excuses given for using premiumgasoline in a car that can run on regularfall into the urban legend category.Putting premium gas in your ToyotaCorolla will not give it more power, norwill it improve your gas mileage. And itwon't clean the engine of carbondeposits any better than regular, sincefederal regulations require that allgrades of gasoline must contain detergentsdesigned to do this. Go for the cheaper tankfull, unless yourowner's manual tells you otherwise.