You Know You're a Bonafide Medical Spouse When:

Physician's Money DigestFebruary28 2003
Volume 10
Issue 4

• You automatically drive in separate cars to functions in case your spousegets called out.

• A vacation is defined as any location where a pager cannot reach.

• A 24-hour pharmacy opens in your town and you feel compelled to send astore-warming gift.

• You encourage your older children to go on rounds with your spouse forsome quality time together.

• Your reserve of those necessary AA batteries (for the pager) numbers indouble digits at all times, just in case.

• On car trips you automatically drive so that your spouse can dictate. Yourchildren automatically whisper when the dictaphone is on.

• You plan family vacations around CME offerings. Your children becomeaccustomed to asking: "Is it a real vacation or a meeting vacation?"

• A social conversation turns into a medical question (eg, "Say Doc?I waswondering if you'd take a peek at my elbow, I have this problem") and youautomatically excuse yourself to preserve confidentiality.

• You're still able to get a restful night of sleep even though your MD spousehas answered 19 pages with "This is Dr. So-and-so, please tell me about thenature and location of your pain."

• You are thoroughly comfortable with having your spouse fall asleep in virtuallyany situation—the symphony, parties, charitable events—after a killerweekend of calls.

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