Physician's Money DigestFebruary28 2003
Volume 10
Issue 4


Under an amnesty programlaunched by the IRS in January, ifyou are taking part in a tax schemeto hide your income, you can escapefraud charges if you admit guilt andprovide information on who promotedthe scheme and how it wasset up. The IRS has been targetingindividuals who park unreportedcash in offshore banks, then usecredit cards issued by the banks toget access to their money. Taxpayerswho come forward, IRS officialssay, will be expected to pay backtaxes and interest, plus certain"accuracy and delinquency penalties,"but will not be subject tocriminal charges or penalties forcivil fraud. The amnesty windowcloses after April 15, 2003,when tax returns are due. For moreinformation, call 215-516-3537.

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