Dividend Payouts

Physician's Money Digest, February28 2003, Volume 10, Issue 4


Handbook of Dividend Achievers

The Outlook

Stock dividends are not only gettingmore attention due toPresident Bush's recent tax proposals,they're also being touted as a majorcriteria in zeroing in on good stockbuys. A company that has increasedits dividends every year during thepast decade, say gurus like PeterLynch, is likely to add value to its stockprice. To dig up companies with agood track record on dividend payouts,check the 2002 (800-342-5647; www.fisonline.com;$39.95). In addition to listing companieswith attractive dividend histories,the book gives you stock movementcharts, 7-year performance indicators,and historical high and low price/earnings ratios. According to S&P's(800-852-1641), the followingcompanies are candidates forlarge dividend increases: Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, Allstate,Procter & Gamble, Wilmington Trust,JM Smucker, City National, BanknorthGroup, Washington Mutual, and NYCommunity Bancorp.