Physician's Money DigestJanuary31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 2

Buying homeowner's insurancehas become an exercise in findingan insurer who will take you on asmuch as in finding the lowest premiums.For the best premium deals,go online to InsWeb.com or Insurance.com. Getting a company toinsure your home may be a differentstory, especially if you have high-riskoceanfront or lakefront property.So once you get a policy, try tominimize claims. Insurers will hikepremiums or even drop you altogetherif your claim history goesbad. Higher deductibles are a goodway to minimize claims and knockyour premiums down by 15% ormore. If you're also shopping for carinsurance, you may save money bygetting both auto and homeowner'spolicies from the same insurer.

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