Physician's Money Digest, January31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 2

If you're wealthy, you probablyhave the cash to pay for the cost ofnursing home care, which averagesclose to $60,000 a year nationwide.The poor can go on Medicaid, whichwill pay for long-term care if thepatient is in a Medicaid-approvedfacility. If you're between those 2extremes (like most doctors), long-termcare insurance is usually thebest answer to paying for long-termcare. In shopping for a policy, be sureyou understand what's covered, howmuch the policy will pay, andwhether there's a lifetime maximumbenefit. Find out if special conditionssuch as Alzheimer's or other mentaldisorders are covered. For an extrapremium, you can also add an inflationfactor to the policy to protectyourself against rising costs. Forindependent information on long-termcare insurance, visit