Physician's Money Digest, January31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 2

(CDC, 2003)

14.2% —Percentage of Americans who are entirely medically uninsured.

(Students in Free Enterprise, 2003)

59% —Percentage of college students who admit cheating on a test at least once.

(Forbes, 2003)

1.4% —Average annual expense ratio incurred by a mutual fund.

(Wall Street Journal, 2003)

52% —Percentage of Americans who own stock.

(New York Times, 2003)

3581 —Number of US prisoners currently on death row.

(New York Times, 2003)

1000 —Average number of daily 911 calls received by the NYC police department.

(AP, 2003)

$150,000 —Current annual salary earned by a US federal court judge.

(American Demographics, 2003)

50% —Percentage of Americans who belong to a gym.

(Health, 2003)

$500 —Average cost of a Botox injection.

(New York Post, 2003)

$100 million —Value of the 4-year contract signed by television's "Judge Judy" Sheindlin.