Physician's Money Digest, January31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 2

One downside:

When it comes to insuring driverswith poor track records, thereare more options than you maythink. Although in some states, likeNew Jersey, the assigned-risk poolwith its sky-high rates is the onlyway to go, in other states, you canshop for nonstandard insurersthrough an independent insuranceagent. With a little luck, you may beable to find a lenient insurer whowill take you on in return for only aslightly higher premium. You probably won't be able toget coverage above the customarybodily injury limits of $100,000 perperson and $300,000 per incident.Even if your insurer is willing, thepremiums for higher limits of$250,000 and $500,000 can doubleif you have 1 or 2 moving violationson your record.