THUMBS UP: PCs on the Cheap

Physician's Money DigestJanuary31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 2


If cars were like computers,this year's model would be morepowerful than last year's, havemore features, and be cheaper.For $400, you can get an off-the-shelfPC that can run ringsaround that clunker you paid$1000 for 5 years ago. In fact, for$1000 today, you get a chipthat's more than 10 times fasterthan the one in your 5-year-oldPC (512 megabytes of RAM comparedto 16) and a hard drivewith 60 times the capacity. If big-namePC producers like Dell,Gateway, and Hewlett-Packardlogged disappointing sales figuresover the holidays, furtherprice cuts in 2003 may be in theoffing. Price wars haveled to cutbacks in other areas,like customer service. Be preparedto spend more time onhold if you need technical help.

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