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Physician's Money DigestJanuary31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 2

After a winter layoff, manygolfers find they have lost thefeeling or sensation of theirsummer golf. Just because it's coldoutside doesn't mean you can't practiceyour golf swing. Today there aretraining aids to help avid golfersmaintain their full swing during thelong winter season. But with so manygolf aids on the market, how do youknow which one is right for you?Fortunately, I've selected 4 of thebest golf training aids you may wantto consider when you're out shoppingfor a better swing.


Kallassy's Swing Magic ($39.95;800-615-0081; has been out for sometime but isstill one of the best golf-teaching aidson the market today. Its main teachinggoal is to prevent the golfer from makingthe move 90% of all amateursmake—the over-the-top move thatcauses a damaging slice shot. UsingSwing Magic, you'll experience howto release the club properly, swing onthe correct plane, and deliver the clubhead with maximum accelerationright at the impact point. It also helpsgrip and grip pressure, improves yourtempo and acceleration, and helpsengrain an inside-out club path. Justin case you're not satisfied, there's afull 30-day, money-back guarantee.Swing Magic helps the player to get asense of how the club and body workin the downswing.

Another popular teaching aid,known for its bright yellow golf shaft,is the Momentus ($99.99; 800-524-6068; TheMomentus is a weighted club thatallows the golfer the opportunity toswing the club along a balanced andproper swing plane. Through repetitions,a golfer ingrains the feel forswinging the club on plane. Afterusing the Momentus, you'll see adrastic improvement in consistencyand clubhead speed. It helps thetempo and rhythm of the swing, providingyou with additional flexibilityand strength. It's an excellent club touse for warming up prior to playing around of golf. It comes with a 30-day, no-risk guarantee.

A recent survey of over 200 golfprofessionals reported that the 3most common swing flaws in golfwere incorrect take-away, insufficientbackswing width and extension, andincorrect first downswing motion.The Power Angle ($59.95; 866-839-4653; willhelp you attain the correct sensation(ie, excellent feedback) on how tosolve these 3 problems. By allowingfor the correct sequencing of yourbody and club, it makes sure they'reboth working together and notagainst each other. If you're notlonger, straighter, and more consistentwithin 30 days, you can sendthe product back for a full refundwith no questions asked.


Designed and produced by one ofgolf's leading PGA Professionals, theSwing Extender ($29.95; 800-824-4279; was designed to be a golflesson in itself. The Swing Extenderteaches golfers to attain a widerswing arc by training the right arm toextend to the top of the backswing,while keeping the left arm stretched.This allows the player to maintainthe power built up on the backswingand deliver the power into the ballthrough impact.

The swing will feel shorter but bemore consistent and more powerfulonce you get used to the sensation of anew position. With less effort, but bettermechanics, you will drive the balllonger and straighter than ever before.Having personally used this device, Ican say that this is one of the best inexpensiveteaching aids on the market.

The Swing Extender's uniquedesign allows both right-and left-handedplayers to benefit, as well asgolfers of all ages, sizes, and skill levels.

For additional golf products andother training aids to improve yourgame's technique, visit

is a former European

Tour player and European

director of golf for David

Leadbetter. He has been a PGA

Class A professional for 19 years

and is currently a coach and

advisor to PGA Tour player Frank Lickliter.

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