Steps to Make Housesitting More Comfortable

Physician's Money Digest September 2005
Volume 12
Issue 13

Washington Post

When you take a vacation you're tryingto get away from it all: your practice,house, and stress. However, most of whatyou're getting away from will still requireattention while you're gone, including yourhome. Instead of burdening a friend orfamily member with maintaining yourhome's various needs in your absence,consider hiring a house sitter. However,using a house sitter shouldn't simply be amatter of handing over the keys and jetting.According to an article in the, there are several stepsyou should take to ensure that the experienceis positive for both you and yourhouse sitter. Don't be afraid to ask for asecurity deposit, especially if you're overlyworried about some precious items you'llbe leaving behind. Be sure to obtain somebackground information on your sitter,especially speaking to homeowners theyhave previously sat for. Establish your setof standards for the care of the house.Putting your expectations in writing withthe sitter's signature is an effective way toensure that your needs are met.

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