Discount Retail Chains Pumping Gas for Less

Physician's Money Digest September 2005
Volume 12
Issue 13

Wall Street


Due to the usual sharp increases ingasoline prices, physician-commuters, andmost other Americans, are looking forrelief anywhere they can get it,and they are hitting thepumps at unusualplaces. Accordingto a article, increasingamounts ofconsumers are fillingup at Wal-Mart, Costco, Kroger, andother retail chains who have installed gasstations adjacent to their stores, generallyoffering lower prices on gasoline than traditionalbrand competitors such as BP andShell. The brand giants are fighting back bytouting their gasoline as having additivesthat make cars run more cleanly and effectively.However, although they do help tokeep engines running more smoothly, onlya small percentage of vehicles actuallyrequire this premium gasoline to run. Formost autos, regular unleaded will performjust fine, and save consumers money at thepump. If you're worried about keepingyour engine clean but still want to savemoney, the article suggests that you fill upwith premium additive-filled gasoline sporadically,and purchase discount gas therest of the time.

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