THUMBS UP: Protecting Your Lawfully Wedded Investment

Physician's Money Digest September 2005
Volume 12
Issue 13


You're getting married and you'veplanned the perfect day—caterer,flowers, favors, the works. But what ifthe wedding doesn't go as planned?You may be especially worried if youplan on celebrating all or part of yournuptials outdoors, and you don't wantto eat your expensive ceremony and/or reception costs like a bad slice ofwedding cake. Wouldn't you like tohave an insurance option, like in yourpractice? Well now you can. Accordingto , there are nowcompanies who offer to insure yourwedding in case of disaster, and Theirpolicies will cover you if your nuptialshave to be rescheduled for a variety ofreasons, including bad weather or sickness.You can also be covered in casethe wedding gown or your gifts arestolen. If your wedding tab is pricey, apolicy, ranging from around $185 toover $2000, may be a good option.One thing the policies don't cover,however, is cold feet.

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