Holiday Gift Guide

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 15

It can still be a struggle finding that perfect gift, especially

when you are a busy physician with no time to shop. The

following are some "off the beaten path" gift ideas that

may help in your search for the perfect present.

Black & DeckerBullseye™Laser Levelwith Stud Sensor

If you are the type of doctor whoenjoys creating a warm and invitinghome or office with hanging photographsand smartly decorated shelves,this little item is a must-have—especially if you can never manageto hang things straight. The Bullseye™Laser Level with Stud Sensor projectshorizontal lines, levels automaticallywithout adjustments, and featureswood and metal stud and live-wiresensing with liquid crystal display.800-231-9786;; $49.99

Isis Zoë Jacket

It's true that a jacket is a classic gift idea;here's a new take on an old favorite. TheZoë jacket is perfect for active womenwho revel in cold-weather activities.The jacket is made of a super denseknit fabric and is wind-resistant,highly breathable, and warm. With ahandful of colors to choose from,this fleece is sure to make even themost stylish outdoorswoman smile.866-875-8689;; $160

Overland Equipment Trinidad Bag

Chances are, if you have a busyschedule, you end up carrying halfof your life around with you at alltimes. Doctors can certainly becounted among the guilty. TheTrinidad bag helps you pull thisoff in style with a unique designand plenty of space for storage.Men and women alike willappreciate this mobile office forprotecting their precious cargo.800-487-8851;; $80

Lance-Larkin Brew Express™

Those doctors who crave asumptuous cup of java at a levelsuperior to your bargain basementcoffeemaker need look no further.Brew Express™is plumbed to adirect water supply or bottledwater source, saving counterspace and achieving theconvenience of a self-fillingcoffee-making system.Because the Brew Express™was developed according to the highest coffee industry standards, you can be assured that an investmentin this appliance will make coffee making and consumption both a pleasure and a convenience.866-268-5953;; $649



DaVinci Code

We all have that one person who is impossible to buy forbecause they already have everything and in three colors.When I come across this person, I usually just give a giftcertificate, the old standby. With the Encrypta™cryptex,the solution doesn't have to be so bland. Handcraftedusing select hardwoods and solid brass, the cryptex is apuzzle that can house any number of small treats in itssecret chamber while at the sametime providing the receiver with abrain teaser straight out of . You can even customorder your cryptex to use apersonalized message as the puzzle's solution.866-377-9585;; $79.99

Gorgonz Performance Work Gloves

Even if you have a handyperson in the family, you may not think to presentthem with gloves as a gift. In the past I would agree, but that was before Itried on a pair of Gorgonz workgloves. This very sleek and visuallyappealing line of gloves isthe most high tech I have everencountered. With a rangeof choices, each designed tosuit a specific task or workenvironment, you are sure tofind a perfect pair.877-725-4386;; $11.99 to $39.99

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