Escape to Your Vacation Home in Paradise

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 15

If you find yourself traveling to yourfavorite getaway over and over again, whynot consider purchasing a home there?Buying a second home in a place you loveis a great investment that makes a lot ofsense. Of course, you should not spend yourdays hunting for a house during your vacation.If you research before you leave foryour trip, your plan to buy a home in yourvacation haven will go much more smoothly,according to a also suggests that you knowexactly what you'll be using the home forbefore you purchase it—vacationing,investment, retirement, etc. You probablyshouldn't buy a place if you're not able tovisit there very often, unless you want torent it when not in use. Be sure to workwith a local real estate agent, since they'llknow the market better than you.

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