Communication Gap Between Home and Cell

Physician's Money Digest, November 2005, Volume 12, Issue 15

Wall Street


Back in November 2003, the FederalCommunications Commission thought theywere setting the stage for a wireless-onlyAmerica when they gave the okay for phonecustomers to switch their home number to acell phone. It turns out that their predictionswere off the mark. Although about 820,000customers have switched over since late2003, the rest of America is sticking withold-fashioned landlines, and for a number ofreasons. Poor cellular service, reasonablemonthly bills, and existing Internet landlineconnections are all factors that contributeto people's decision to keep their homephone, according to a recent article. If you're thinking about cuttingthe cord on your own fixed-line phone,the article suggests that you first considerhow mobile you are and whether you mixbusiness and pleasure; some people preferto keep a home line for personal calls.There's a good chance, however, that youwon't have to choose. Several companiesare working on ways to integrate fixed andwireless phones.