Double Retirement Living by Selling Your Home

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 15


York Times

If you're a retiring physician who hasowned a home for a few decades, youshould be able to make a substantial profiton what you originally paid for yourhouse. You can get such a great return, infact, that you can use the money to purchasenot just one home for retirement,but possibly two. More and more retireesare splitting their residence between theirhome base and an area with a more pleasantclimate for the winter months, such asFlorida. According to an article in the , for retirees from areas wherereal estate prices are through the roof,such as the Northeast, buying anotherhome there wouldn't makefinancial sense,so many arechoosing instead topurchase condos inactive adult communities,designed forbuyers aged 55 plus. Also, some expertssuggest that even after the acquisitionof two new homes, you may still havemoney left over from selling your oldhouse, which can go toward such retirementnecessities as new golf clubs.

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