Fairer Skies for Ticket-protected Travelers?

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 15

Wall Street Journal

If you're a physician-investor who frequentlyflies the friendly skies, there'ssomething new on the horizon that mightinterest you. Three major US airlines,Northwest (www.nwa.com), Continental(www.continental.com), and America West(www.americawest.com), are now offeringtheir passengers trip-cancellation insurance.For an extra 4% or more, passengerscan insure their nonrefundable ticket withwhat's known as an Airline Ticket Protector,which guarantees reimbursement for thecost of the ticket for up to $3000 if there'sa cancellation—but not just any cancellation.As Scott McCartney pointsout in his column, "If you read the fine print, you'llsee the insurance covers only very limitedcircumstances." For example, passengersare covered for sudden medical emergencies,but not if the condition is alreadybeing treated. Other reasons for cancelingthat are covered under the insuranceinclude traffic accidents on the way to theairport, strikes, and jury duty. Be certain tohave your magnifying glass ready to see ifyou qualify for a refund.

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