Banks Reinforce Security for Online Customers

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 15

Wall Street Journal

If you're a tech-savvy physician whodoes a lot of online banking, you'll soonfind that it will take more than a passwordto safeguard your account. According to aarticle, Bank ofAmerica is in the process of beefing up itssecurity by requiring online customers toregister their computers and provide a personaldigital photo. The Web site will recognizethe registered machine, and the photowill be displayed when the customer logson, ensuring that they are on the legitimatebank Web site. If a computer is not recognizedby the bank's online security, the Website will not display the picture and the userwill have to answer a personal question,such as what was their high school mascot.Other banks, such as Wachovia, are lookinginto using digital tokens on their sites,which generate random six-digit codes thatchange every minute.

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